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What is the #1 Problem With Your Traffic Signals?

Understanding This Could Be the Answer to Your Long-Term Traffic Challenges.

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What Is Your Traffic Signal Performance Grade?

Why do some cities effortlessly operate their traffic signals

while others face a never-ending struggle with traffic signal timing?

Rhythm Engineering

Rhythm Engineering has helped over 160 cities in 34 states optimize and manage traffic signals across the United States.

There are five blockers that prevent agencies from optimizing their traffic signals.

Understanding your specific Signal Timing Blockers will empower you to overcome challenges and optimize every traffic signal in your city.

Rhythm Engineering has won multiple awards including the Governor's Energy Efficiency Award and the coveted Inc. 500 listing.

What is the #1 PROBLEM

Affecting Your Traffic Signal Operations?

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Set a New Standard as a Traffic Engineer:

Uncover the single most ignored factor in your traffic signal infrastructure and slash crash rates by 30%. Learn how to transform your traffic management with a data-driven strategy.

Master Traffic Signal Management Effortlessly:

Learn how innovative technology can save lives and millions of dollars. Perfect for any city size, discover why this strategy is a game-changer in urban traffic control.

Discover How to Eliminate the Hidden Cost of Ignoring Poorly Timed Traffic Signals:

Poorly timed traffic signals have proven to breed hidden costs such as escalated congestion, heightened fuel use, environmental toll, increased accidents, and a strain on public agency resources.


discover YOUR #1 Traffic Signal Issue